Life Grant Agreement 2018

This type of subsidy is calculated on the basis of a detailed budget, which clearly indicates the costs eligible for EU funding. The amount of the grant may not exceed the eligible costs or the amount requested. The amounts are expressed in euros. iii) Environmental policy and information – The programme supports projects in the areas of awareness, environmental training and capacity building, compliance with legislation and enforcement, knowledge development and public and stakeholder participation. It co-finances grants for information, awareness and dissemination projects to promote environmental awareness. These include platforms for cooperation and the exchange of knowledge on sustainable environmental solutions and practices. Projects are co-financed up to 55%. LINK: Information and appeal documents are now available at the following address: applicant can receive only one operating grant per exercise of the European Union budget. In addition to the name and logo, recipients are encouraged to systematically include a disclaimer in all communication and publication documents indicating that the Agency is not responsible for the views displayed in the publications and/or activities for which the grant is used. Recipients` obligations with respect to the use of logos and disclaimers are set out in the Partnership Framework Agreement (Article I.6), 75% of which are for the Environment sub-programme (2,592,491.250) and 25% for the climate sub-programme (EUR 864,163,750). During the period 2014-2020, the adjudicator authority will launch an annually call for proposals for LIFE projects.

The second multi-year life work programme (MAWP) for the period 2018-2020 provides a budget of 1.243.81 million euros for the “Environment” sub-program and 413.25 million EUROS for the sub-programme for the fight against climate change. 8.3 Payment terms 22 Payment terms are covered by Article 5 of the model-specific grant agreement. Grant fees The actual costs incurred by the grantee, which cover all operating grants, support their annual operating and management costs as part of their annual work programme activities and include a contribution to the development, design and/or implementation of the EU`s environmental and/or climate policy and EU legislation. The expected outcome is the strengthening of civil society participation in the political dialogue process. In addition, the aim is to promote better environmental and climate change policy by broadening stakeholder participation, including NGOs, consultation and implementation of policies (Article 12, d), life Regulation – a specific objective in the area of environmental policy and information and Article 16, point (d), the LIFE Regulation – a specific objective in the area of climate change policy and information. Application guide ( Recipients must clearly recognise the european Union`s contribution in all publications or in the context of activities for which the subsidy is used. LINK: If this requirement is not fully met, the recipient`s grant may be reduced in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement or grant decision.