Physician Professional Services Agreement Template

9. In the event that the competent authorities of a hospital where the independent contractor provides services require that the independent contractor no longer provide these services to the hospital. 8. INSURANCE The contractor acquires professional liability insurance for an independent contractor, limited to the activities of the independent contractor, while providing services in accordance with this agreement. This insurance must be taken out as part of a “claims made” policy with coverage of up to $1 million ($1,000,000) per event and $3 million ($3,000,000) per independent contractor. At the end of the agreement, the awarding entity undertakes either to continue the coverage amounts set out in that agreement, or to the choice of the awarding entity, or to continue the insurance relationship with the client`s conduct misconduct, or to acquire the necessary cover to protect the independent contractor for all work done during the duration of the agreement or for an authorized extension of that agreement. (7) Dismissal for any reason of the client to provide medical services in hospitals or in a hospital where the independent contractor operates. (e) Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the independent contractor undertakes to provide the client with all the information necessary to document the nationality and employment status of the self-employed contractor and to sign all documents reasonably necessary to document the employment relationship provided for and to properly qualify the client, all subsidiaries or related companies of the rights creator in accordance with Section 7. The independent contractor acknowledges and accepts that, notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the company, the client may withhold payment from the independent holder until the documents that the client may reasonably require have been submitted or signed. 12. THE DEMANDE Neither this agreement nor any rights or interest under this agreement may be ceded by the independent contractor, its beneficiaries or legal representatives without the prior written consent of the adjudicating authority; (ii) the executors, directors or other legal representatives of the independent holder or his estate prevent the transfer of rights to the person or persons entitled under this contract; (iii) the transfer of the compensation due to the independent holder to a garrison after receiving a garrison decision, the public or federal authority received by the adjudicating entity or (iv) the transfer by the adjudicating entity of its rights and obligations arising from this agreement. 1. Representing the independent contractor indicates that he is a qualified physician duly licensed to practice medicine in all legal systems in which he is required to perform his duties in accordance with this agreement, including, but not exclusively, the State (s) of Louisiana.