Twitter Api Agreement

6.5 Agreement and Development Policy ( We may suspend or terminate your account or suspend the provision of all or part of the services at any time for any reason or reason, including, but not only, if we are reasonably satisfied: (i) you have violated these conditions or the rules and policies of Twitter or the policies of the Periscope community, (ii) you create a risk or possible legal exposure to us; (iii) your account must be deleted due to illegal behavior, (iv) your account must be deleted due to prolonged inactivity; or (v) our service delivery for you is no longer commercially viable. We will do everything in our power to inform you of the email address associated with your account, or the next time you attempt to access your account, depending on the circumstances. In all of these cases, the conditions expire, including, but not only your License to Use the Services, except that the following sections continue to apply: II, III, V and VI. If you feel that your account has been terminated by mistake, you can file a claim by making the steps at our help centre ( In order to avoid any doubt, these conditions survive the deactivation or termination of your account. If you`re posting Twitter content offline, you need to keep it up to date with the current status of that content on Twitter. In particular, you should delete or edit any content you have when it is deleted or edited on Twitter. This should be done as soon as possible or within 24 hours of receiving a request from Twitter or the Twitter account holder or, otherwise, as required by your agreement with Twitter or applicable legislation. This must be done, unless it is prohibited by law, and only then with the express written permission of Twitter.

In exchange for Twitter`s access and use of the Services, you agree that Twitter and its third-party partners and partners may place ads on the services or in connection with the display of content or information from the Services, whether transmitted by you or others. You also agree not to abuse our services, for example by disturbing them or accessing them with a method other than the interface and instructions we have provided. When accessing or using the services, you are not allowed to do the following steps: (i) access, manipulation or use of non-public spaces of services, Twitter computer systems or technical delivery systems of Twitter providers; (ii) examine, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network to security, or violate or circumvent security or authentication measures; (iii) access or search or attempt to access services; to access or browse services in any other way (automated or otherwise) except through our currently available published interfaces that are provided by Twitter (and only under these commercial terms), unless you have expressly authorized this in a separate agreement with Twitter (NOTE: crawling services is allowed if this is done in accordance with the robot`s rules.txt file, but the dismantling of services without the prior consent of Twitter); (iv) falsify a header of TCP/IP packages or some of the header information in an email or publication, or use the services in any way to send altered, misleading or false information to identify sources; or (v) access to a user, host or network, including, but not limited, to sending a virus, overloading, flooding, spam, bombarding services by email, or by scripting content creation, or by scripting the creation of content in a way that affects or overloads services.