How To Calculate Agreement Value Of Resale Flat

Step 4 – Calculate the estimated minimum value based on the current billing rate as follows: Suppose Kumar decided to register this property in the name of his wife, Gita Rani. Then they have to pay the Rs 2 Lakhs as a stamp duty, since the tax applicable to women buyers in Delhi is 4%. At 1% of the value of the agreement, the registration fee remains the same for Gita Rani. The total outgo in this case will therefore be Rs 2.50 Lakhs. We have 57,793.05/- per square metre of value for flat stamp tax ranges from three percent to 10 percent of the billing rate or contractual value of the property, depending on what is higher The De Terrace area, which is allocated with the dwelling, must also be included in the calculation of the real estate valuation. In the case of the terrace adjacent to the apartment, 40% of the value of the pre-recconer is multiplied by the surface and if the terrace is above the respective apartment, then 25% of the value of the pre-recconer by the surface. The value of a dwelling for resale – value of the undivided share of the land (UDS) – depreciable value of the building and amenities – the value of the developer`s overheads, expenses and profits. There are also other ways to enjoy a resale apartment. I will talk about one of them. This note is based on an article in the Property Plus section of the Hindu newspaper. It is also worth mentioning that States apply different fees for the registration of the same instruments in India. For this reason, stamp duty on the registration of real estate in India varies from state to state.

Home buyers in Delhi pay 6% stamp duty on real estate registration, up from 2% in Mumbai currently. In Jharkhand, accommodation costs are 3% of the value of real estate. If you want to know the true market value of your property, you must follow the procedure and provide accurate information about the property in which the property is located or located, for example. B; 1. District 2. Taluka 3. Division or village 4. Type of property such as (country, housing, office, store and industrial unit) 5.C. (Cadastral Survey Number) in Mumbai Division C.T.S. (Chain and Triangulation Survey Number in Mumbai Suburban Village F. P. P.

(Final Plot Numbers) S. N. (Survey Number) GAT Number (Area Number) property etc. (Gat Book plans relevant numbers survey / Hissa Numbers / Gat Numbers / Khasra Numbers) With the help of “RECKONER”, you must be the department/village with area/area sub and C.S.C.C.T.S. property to find from the table you can property rates like land, housing, business, prices are per square meter (Built-up-Area) or at Hectare. With the help of “GUIDE LINE” for (Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban District and rest of Maharashtra), you need to increase or reduce the rate according to different valuation factors and you will get a real market value of the property. In calculating market value, there are different differences that occur as follows; 1. Bungalow / Apartment under Group Housing Project / Terraced House etc.

2. Elevatorless building / multifunctional building with elevator (on the floor) 3. Closed age of the 4th Parking Building (Parking open / Parking closed) 5. Terrace, Open Land with ground floor, etc. Example: Is given for municipal property in the corporate area (contract for sale) (under Ale 25 (d) planning – I – By Mahartraash Stamp.Act) Note: Stamp duty differs depending on the location of the property. Area: BORIVALI Village: KANDIVALI Zone: 79 Sub Zone: 354 C.T.S. No: 1 Property: Residential Building Age: 1 year Building: No elevator Proerty is located on: ground floorA apartment area: 500 m 2 Carpet Note: calculation must be carried out on the built-up area in square meters. Rate: 88200 Surface: 500 sq foot carpet (you must convert square meter) 500 x 1.2 – 600 square meters built (you must convert into square meter) 600 / 10.76 – 55,762 (square meter built) (square meter) (square meter) (square meter) Square meter Rate) 88200 x (surface) 55,762 – market value (4918208.40) Rounded to 4918200 After obtaining the actual value of the market, you can calculate the stamp duty of the property according to the calendar – I of the Maharashtra Stamp Act.