Louisiana Real Estate Listing Agreement

Agency Disclosure Form (No. 3703) – All parties to the sale or lease of real estate must sign either this document or an Agency brochure. The agent keeps a copy of the revelation for five (5) years. The Louisiana real estate listing agreement is used by a licensed broker if he agrees to sell a client`s residential or commercial real estate. The agreement explains that the seller authorized the broker to list the property for sale on the open market. The document describes a period during which the broker must find a buyer to acquire the property at the sale price determined by the seller. The seller can also set other conditions that must be met by the buyer before accepting an offer to purchase. In addition, the document sends the commission to the agent when the property is sold (usually provided as a percentage of the total sale price). See the LREC decision on the use of federal sales contracts/contracts.

New Orleans Metro Association of Realtors (Revised 07/2016) – Adobe Double Agency Disclosure Form (p. 3705 – 9-3897) – Necessary if the agent represents both the buyer and the seller. After the signing, the disclosure must be kept by the agent for five (5) years. Residential Contract for Sale or Sale (effective 01-01-19) Residential Real Estate Disclosure Form (valid 01-01-20) Advice: Adding trademarks or logos to the housing agreement is allowed to buy or sell; However, it will not change that document otherwise. The following forms are available for download. Download adobe Acrobat Reader for free to view. Proposed Additions – The following forms and use are not necessarily residential Disclosure Statement (p. 9:3198) – Sellers are required to provide the potential buyer with this document before accepting an offer. Louisiana Real Estate Commission Version – Adobe PDF Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form – Disclosure of information on leaded color or lead color risks. Find a license – Use this option to search for a licensed agent working in Louisiana. Filling forms can`t be saved only with Adobe Acrobat Reader.