Sears Auto Center Road Hazard Plus Agreement

We tried to call the Corporate Office, but we were constantly redirected/redirected to this third-party call center. I think our 25 years of customer loyalty to this non-compassionate company have not been successful. My husband is in his first year of law school, but he is not sure what he could do. After leaving the store, I always had the tire warning on my dashboard. I went around the parking lot and went back to the store and told them I was still getting the warning lights. The same employee who put my tires on told me that he should leave as soon as my tires started rolling. Even after my work at home, the warning was still on, which in turn explained his lack of training, as my tires were still low at about 35 psi when the recommended pressure was 44psi. I could have started my road trip earlier than expected and I found myself in an accident because of their poor education, judgment and lack of interest in a good job. I will tell my whole family and acquaintances about my experience at the Sears Auto Center in Yuma, AZ and their poor professionalism and lack of education. I`ll make sure I never go back to the Sears Auto Center again. When I waited for him to come back, three other people were waiting for me to have their cars that they had left in the morning.

He came back after 5 minutes and told me they wouldn`t be able to work on my car. I have to come back someday. So I thought they should be busy or busy, so I said okay. I also asked to speak to the manager, and I was told that she was not here today. I went to the garage where my car was parked. I was looking around, I didn`t see anyone. When I left the garage, I saw four workers standing outside, their cigarette break and chitchatting. It really me off. It looked like they all had a good time instead of working. None of them were helping out in the front or working in the garage. It`s poor customer service.

I am very angry at the hiring of staff and the service of Sears Auto Center. Sears executives should fire everyone in this service centre, including the manager except the person I was dealing with, Ibrahim. I`m sure there are other people who are going to do a better job with a good attitude. “There is no Sears within 50 miles of Cincinnati, at least automotive,” Shiplett said. But it`s not just car centre customers who have tire and battery problems that have problems. The nearest auto center we found was north of Columbus, Ohio and Huntington West Virginia, a trip of more than two hours.