Unison Facility Time Agreement

Union representatives and employers should discuss and agree on an appropriate pause. Trade union delegates are entitled to paid leave to receive training and to carry out their work as representatives (as business leaders, health and safety officers, apprenticeship union officers or other union workers). Representatives are entitled to appropriate paid leave for their union work as long as the union is: in such cases, all reasonable efforts are made to grant leave. The Director of Human Resources will endeavour to ensure that the timing of each hearing or meeting is acceptable to the Dean of the Faculty/Director. However, the operational requirements of the faculty/direction are given priority in the exceptional case where any conflict is unconsleced. It is recognized and agreed that this may require that meetings be postponed and that, therefore, deadlines should be removed in the context of agreed procedures. Download the Acas Code of Conduct for Trade Union Policy Activities and Activities (PDF, 748 KB) Reps is not allowed to attend trade union policy meetings or meetings with union officials. Instead, employers should provide unpaid leave for these activities. Reps is not a sabbatical. There is no legal definition of reasonable leave, but the elements that need to be considered are: as a last resort, representatives may be able to take a case to an employment tribunal. For more information on union representatives, please contact the Human Resources Directorate. Representatives can speak with their union or apply their employer`s claim procedures and must check their employment contract, business manual or intranet website in detail. ..