Betterment Client Agreement

The Client Agreement Automation feature is only intended to help companies present agreements and advertisements related to account openings. Subsequent updates to these documents are not forwarded back to existing customers. The company must make its own arrangements to provide such updates. This service includes working with a financial planner over a period of 6 months. By paying a set fee, clients can work with a planner to establish a comprehensive financial plan. Clients will define their goals and explore their values around money. They must provide information to finalize the following areas of analysis: net assets, cash flow, insurance, social benefits, retirement, investment, risk tolerance, debt management, estate planning, social security/medicare, and education planning (see descriptions below). Once the customer`s information has been verified, their plan is established and analyzed, and then the results, analyses, and any changes to their current situation are checked with the customer. Clients who subscribe to this service will receive an electronic report that will provide the client with financial reports, analytical methods, recommended plan changes and action points to achieve their stated financial goals. Brokerage services for Betterment LLC clients of Betterment Securities, an SEC-registered dealer broker and FINRA/SIPC member. I would like to draw the attention of betterment clients to the fact that betterment collects a fee of up to 400 $US if you want to make a direct transfer (in kind) from Betterment to another broker. I tried to make a direct transfer of Roth IRA from Betterment to another brokerage company and I was quoted.

You may terminate the Financial Planning Services within five (5) business days of entering into an agreement with WatchDog Planning without penalty or fee. If you terminate the financial planning services after five (5) business days after entering into an agreement, you will be responsible for the immediate payment of all financial planning services provided by WatchDog Planning prior to receipt of your notification by WatchDog Planning. For financial planning services provided by WatchDog Planning under a fixed pricing agreement, you pay an early cancellation fee for hours worked by WatchDog Planning by the hourly rate of $275. In the event that, after deduction of the final invoice, there is a balance of the fees paid in advance, the remaining revenues of WatchDog Planning will be refunded to you. A similar page is made available to compliance users on the compliance page of the Betterment for Advisors platform so that people with compliance rights can view all of the company`s customers and their agreements. ADV Part 2A Form, CRS Form and Privacy Policy Disclosure Update: While the ADV Part 2A Form and crs Form may be updated and for live customer onboarding tracking, we do not send any updates to your ADV Part 2A form, CRS form or privacy statement to your existing customers. You are responsible for compliance with the SEC`s rules, which govern when and how you send your clients all necessary information and changes to such documents. Point 18 does not apply to this brochure. WatchDog Planning does not request or request an advance of more than US$500 in fees per customer, six months or more in advance. Therefore, we are not required to annex a balance sheet for the last financial year. .