About Us

Welcome to Social Solutions NY!

Our nonprofit member-based organization is a friendly and exciting community for people who are ready to overcome their physical disability. Do you want to live the best life you can lead? With our activity and excursion based organization, we strive to offer our members special options and opportunities to get back out there and live a fun, fulfilling, and adventurous life.

It may be difficult to handle day-to-day activities with a physical disability, which can unintentionally affect attitudes and desires to strive for the best. At Social Solutions NY, we understand that becoming social and experiencing the world is of the utmost importance, which is why we’ve started this group.

Members of Social Solutions NY can look forward to several different events, activities, and excursions on a regular basis, facilitated by our staff and volunteers. This community is member-based and will always be free of charge.

For questions or more information, feel free to contact our founder, Scott Velders, at:

Phone: (516) 479-4751

Email: scottvelders@yahoo.com